Gaffers Tape – Black – 3 inch by 30 yard roll – Main Stage Gaff Tape


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WIDTH 3 inches
LENGTH 30 yards
FINISH Blends into the background with its Matte Non-Reflective finish
ADHESIVE Comes off clean when the job is done thanks to its rubber adhesive
FEATURES Easy to tear by hand, Abrasion, Water & Vapor Resistant after applied to a clean, dry surface

Main Stage Gaff has been tested and approved by award winning professionals for its performance in demanding environments. It comes in a black, matte non-reflective finish so it blends into the background. It’s easy to tear by hand and a 3 inch wide strip can be easily split into 6 or 7 smaller strips for when the job calls for a smaller piece. This gaffers tape is water, vapor and abrasion resistant after applied to a dry surface, is flexible and conforms easily to irregular surfaces, and works in a wide range of temperatures.

Main Stage Gaff Tape was created by production professionals as a temporary tape that has a strong adhesive, but when removed doesn’t leave the sticky mess that other tapes leave. That makes it perfect for use around the office, home and garage as well as on stage, on set or on location.

In addition to securing cables, marking stage locations (spiking) and gaffing lights, Main Stage Gaff Tape can also be used for binding books, wrapping hockey sticks, temporary repairs for something that is ripped or broken, or even creating a custom fitting bra for that new daring dress because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue when it’s removed.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, photographer, musician, stage hand, lighting technician, DJ, theater or other production professional, or just looking for a better tape for your toolbox, Main Stage Gaff will handle your job and is cheap enough that you can afford lunch too.